Thursday, September 18, 2014

Most Common Personality Type to Succeed in Business

It is quite misguided that people believe the most common personality type to succeed in business is the Type A personality. The one that is driven, strong, has great time management skills and enjoys the thrill of the win. My own personal belief is that you need to recruit some of these into your team, just for the pure adrenalin rush you will receive watching them in action. I believe in balance in all aspects of life so obviously you will need to recruit some Type B personalities to balance out your team.

Always keep your eye on the quiet ones, the quiet achievers. There are so many Type B personality types that have succeeded in business worldwide. You have to think outside the box with whatever you are doing when you are growing a team and trying to create a strong foundation in your organisation so a balance of both the A & B personality types is a crucial part of your strategy.

How do you spot the first and most obvious signs of the most common personality types? There are a few tell- tale signs that should stand out, once you have your head around how to spot them. Your average type B personality will be the person lingering in the back of the crowd, if confronted the majority will blush in a public forum when caught unawares. In contrast the Type A will be the centre of attention, making everyone laugh, cracking jokes and taking charge of the energy in the room with ease.

Finding where you fit into the personality type before you start your recruiting campaign would be of some benefit. It will help you assess how you are going to approach people, most likely help you with the different types of lead generation you will use.

The type B will not be the one charging all around town with a whiteboard and marker drawing circles and squares, explaining the marketing plan with an overzealous enthusiasm. They would do well to hide behind a computer and recruit that way. Make sure you know which one you are and that of your team so you can guide them in the right direction when it comes to recruiting and picking the correct forms of lead generation for them to try.